Sunday, 5 April 2009

End of week update

The finish of a very successful week and some much needed profit. Sunday had a quiet finish to it but this outshone by my hangover and the excitement of the finish to the Man Utd - Villa game.

Two losers for the Tipping Legends today though Will If I Want came very close in the 4.20 Hexham at 7/2. No luck either for Capybara at 6/1 in the 4.40 Southwell.

The golf nearly brought some profit with Alistair Forsyth finishing tied 7th 3 shots off the winner at the Portuguese Open. His 2nd day 73 probably cost us at least a place.

Time to nurse this hangover with some chicken soup and I hope someone out there managed a £100 win bet on the national winner.

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends Loss of £100.00
  • Birdie Golf .........Loss of £150.00


  1. Hi RM,
    Just reading hrough a couple of your latest posts and your quote "I again missed out on BOG"

    I just dont understand why you haven't yet opened an account with a BOG bookie (or Two).
    It will not even itself out over the year!
    Simple fact is, if your getting BOG in all your bets you will always be in front, Yes?
    Just my opinion of course, but I always want BOG, if you only get 1/2 a point extra on 20 bets in the year, It's still a Grand in your favour...
    Regards NoseAhead

  2. Hi,

    Problem lies not with me opening the accounts, but rather the bookies closing me down or restricting me.

    I think it was three summers ago I followed a tipster called Pheonix racing..not sure if it exists anymore as it went down hill badly. Anyhow that summer I won a small fortune in a short time. I think it was the guts of 30k between me and the wife in 4 months. Up to last year I was following another tipster "the Nagman" who also won me a small fortune.

    Since then I have had Bet365 and Betfred close me down. The others restrict me badly. Some even restrict even though I must be at a net loss with them! I think it was more the quantity of the bets rather than the success. Must have been close to £1500 a day in bets duing that fantastic summer three years ago.

    So on top of the restrictions I will always try to get the best price at the time as the services I follow tend to go off at much lower odds then the morning price. Sometimes the best odds arn't available at BOG bookies and I may take Ladbrokes instead for example.

    I now try to spread my bets as much as I can across the various bookies, though I really need to get a few family/friends accounts set up also.

    Hopefully soon all the bookies wil go BOG and it wont be an issue.By the way glad to see your bad run is over and your are back to building the bank again.


  3. My apologies RMcC. It all becomes clear now I know your reasons. Just curiosity had me puzzled for a while, and didnt realise your previous success had restricted your current situation.
    In one way a good situation but in another Regards Anthony

  4. In one way a good situation but in another not

  5. Hi R McC,
    In response to your post on my blog you can contact me on the form as i dont want to publicly display personal info ;)
    Regards Anthony