Monday, 13 April 2009

Nothing to excited about

A huge selection of races today for Easter Monday and plenty of bets for me to get my teeth into. In the end though just the one winner.

The Legends had 5 bets in total today. 3 were in the Irish Grand National. Don't think any tipster has managed a winning tip in any of the Nationals so far this season as the big odds shots are hitting the tape first. I suppose they are a bit of a lottery. Anyhow Arbor Supreme, Breaking Silence and Garde Champetre didn' t strike for me.

Probandit managed our only winner of the day. Kipchack won at Redcar at bits of 9/2 and 4/1. The other bet Smokey Rye 13/2 managed third place.

Still to lose my virginity to MOB racing. Supa Tramp 12/1 and Walton Way 9/2, both at Plumpton, both failed to get me off the mark. I was prepared for this dip in points after the start they had to the month. Hopefully they will to continue to bet as normal and not try to protect this months points haul. I'm hopeful they will come good for me.

Results from today

  • Probandit........ Profit of £239.25
  • Tipping Legends Loss of £300.00
  • MOB................Loss of £50.00

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