Thursday, 2 April 2009

Eventful day to say the least

A successful day but boy what a day it could have been.

First day of the Aintree festival and the Legends were heavily involved. The day started with a disappointment when the 3 point bet Hebridean didn't perform in a highly competitive race. Things picked up in the next with a place for Albertas Run at 16/1 and 12/1. The next race saw a place for Having a Cut at 18/1 and 16/1. Then came the 4.20 at Aintree!

Being at work I managed to follow the race only on betfair. As the race ran its course I started to notice the 50/1 shot Lord Jay Jay odds slowly come in. Then they came in some more and soon I was thinking this has a chance.. a real chance. In the end it was beaten by a length and I missed out on my highest odds winner. (previously 40/1). Even watching betfair it was exciting!

I left for home thinking of what could have been only to discover in the next race Deep Purple backed at 33/1 and 25/1 came a close second only beaten due to a late error.

So a highly exciting first day and a successful one also............but it was so close to being a corker.

Moving onto Probandit. Last night I reviewed the new staking plan and got to grips with it. It actally makes a lot of sense. I had not used betfair SP before and this was my main stalling point. Once I understood it fully I made the decision to run with it from today. Today it worked well. Both the two system horses prices came in and I reduced the losses by laying them at betfair SP. A big bonus was that in the race , the 6.55 Kempton, one of the safety bets came in at 10/1. Thanks to "Having a Ball" I pulled in a tidy profit in the race. A good start to the new staking plan...but a long way to go before we see if it is as successful as the history shows it to be.

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends Profit of £353.31
  • Probandit........ Profit of £150.43

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