Wednesday, 15 April 2009

MOB strikes

MOB racing pulled off a successful day and saved my day even with them being on half stakes. A busy card from them today showed there was no sitting back and defending their great April start. Wins for Tasheba 100/30 in the 2.10 Cheltenham, Nehaam 9/2 in the 3.00 Newmarket and From Dawn to Dusk 13/2 in the 3.20 Cheltenham put me into profit with them. Finally their final bet in the 5.20 Newmarket Invincible Heart nearly pulled off a win at 16/1 but was beaten into second. One thing of note today was that the first two winners had SP's of 9/2 and 8/1 respectively. I was unlucky to not be on BOG bets today. But it does me make me wonder should I use Betfair SP for their bets. I'm not a great fan of betfair as I find the commission kills the profits and with all the services I have used before using betfair would have made a substantial decrease in my profits. It does of course save the hassle of the stingy bookies offering pathetic stakes and having to bet at 4 or more bookies for a £100 bet. I will contact the guys for figures on returns to betfair SP and early odds.

Elsewhere today a dry spell for the Legends, though their main bet of the day was a non runner. While Probandit showed a tiny profit with a place for the single bet of the day New Beginning at Beverley.

Results from today

  • MOB............... Profit of £233.33
  • Probandit....... Profit of £29.45
  • Tipping Legends Loss of £200.00


  1. If you would like some comparison figures for April Industry Sp v Betfair Sp, just let me know, i can forward them through. For 1st April through 9th April the difference in returns were Industry Sp ROI of 68.2% whilst Betfair Sp ROI of 104.5%, as far as advised price ROI is concerned, it does actually sit at 138.5% but this is skewed by the 25/1 advised for Flying applause on the 8th, whislt it returned at 8/1 (BSP 9.95). Long term, Betfair Sp looks good on my returns, and on occasion has made the difference between black and red figures at month end.

  2. Cheers for that Marc,

    I have always gone for the best price available at the time I do my bets, and choosing BOG as much as I can. Will probably continue to do so in the near future, though the difference between industry and Betfair SP is an eye opener. Something to keep an eye on.

    Nice one today.