Saturday, 26 September 2009

Well pleased

Got to thank the Legends big time for getting this great run going as it has really brought my betting bank back from the death this month. A great run for Mull of Killough (4/1) at Haydock brought in a 4 point win. Also had a small e/w treble which was alive to a return until the last race when Jadalee unfortunately couldn't get in the places.

Probandit also brought us a winner tonight with Painoforte (11/1 to 10/1) winning on small stakes at Wolverhampton.

Keeping an eye on the Form Analyst at the moment and I am hoping the many distractions going on in the forum are not taking Graeme's attention from his key mission..which is, in my opinion, making me money!

Results from Friday

  • Legends.......Profit of £750.00
  • Probandit.....Profit of £237.50

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