Thursday, 3 September 2009

Back from holiday

Updated the month of August in total but not the individual days I was on holiday ( I have those done on my own spreadsheet). Looking back I wish I had just taken a break from betting while I was away. The mobile Internet worked fine, but it was just a pain in the ass doing the bets while on holiday. The results of the tipsters during my time away do not inspire me to bet on my next trip. Saying that, Sods Law would indicate that I would probably have missed out on a fortune had I not placed the bets.

The month of August was disappointing as a whole, bar Equine. However I did expect a correction after July. Saying this I do have some concerns about a couple of the services I follow. Hopefully my concern will be removed by the end of September.

Todays results saw a profit for Probandit with a couple of winners. Collateral Damage (11/4) and Valid Point (11/10) both won.

The Legends got the month off to another dreadful start. Gentle Guru (6/1) and Intervision (7/1) both lost despite having mentions on several forums. Free Agent (16/1 to 14/1) finished well at Salisbury but as a win only bet we got no return.

Results from Today

  • Probandit.......Profit of £67.50
  • Legends........Loss of £200.00

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back RM hope you enjoyed your break. I know exactly what it's like to keep betting while you're away, a damn pain sometimes but yes that fear of missing a couple of 20/1 winners isn't a pleasant one!