Saturday, 19 September 2009

Saved by Probandit

Thankfully Probandit brought in a place and a win today from 3 bets. Both at Wolverhampton, Bahamian Lad won at 6/1 with Monsieur Reynard (7/1) placing in the previous race.

Equine managed a 4th with Class is Class (11/2) which was enough to bring in a small profit.

Now to the bad stuff...

To be honest at this point in time my confidence has completely gone with both the Legends and the Form Analyst. I've been with the Legends a long time and I'm loathe to leave. For the Form Analyst it is not just the poor run and the fact a huge amount of tips are coming in stone dead last, its the fact that the flat season is over. Graeme admits himself that he is best on the flat. So if I haven't made any money on 3 months flat racing I am wondering what the point is in risking my bank on the national hunt.

Will run both services to the end of the month..but it would take something dramatic for me to change my mind.

Results from Today

  • Probandit........Profit of £268.06
  • Equine ...........Profit of £28.12
  • Form Analyst....Loss of £500.00

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