Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Midweek point

Another good day thanks to winning bets from both services. Legends made the day with their first bet That's Rhythm (SP 8/1) winning at Bangor. A solid place with the drifter Bonnie Prince Blue (SP 11/2) at Southwell left us with a substantial profit.

Probandit continues to motor along nicely. A winner with Comradeship (4/5). Paul suggested we set an in running trap at 1.13 as this horse had a habit of not wanting to win even though it was well capable. Had a bit of time during the day so set the trap. True to form the horse nearly blew it. In the end it won which was the most profitable result but I did lose a little on the lay. However from what I have read I see exactly why it was suggested. Final bet of the day saw a place at Dundalk for Blaze Brightly (9/4) with the stake weighted towards the place.

At this point of the week I would be sorely tempted to take the profit and close up shop until Monday! Doubt I will though.

Results from Today

  • Legends...........Profit of £837.50
  • Probandit.........Profit of £103.75

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