Sunday, 29 November 2009

Betfair Bonanza - Saturday review

Once again Saturday's bets left me quaking in my boots. At 3.25 I was looking down the barrel of a heavy loss. It is probably because I have time to follow each bet at the weekend that causes the nervousness..during the week the bets are placed and i get on with my work.

However once again the Legends pulled off a major coup by tipping Beat the Boys in the 3.25 Newcastle (19.97 win and 5.50 place on Betfair). Earlier Fistral Beach (11/2) had run well for a 2nd, but when Pasco (9/2) was beaten into 2nd in the 2.05 Newbury after trading at as low as 1.1 or even lower I thought my luck was out for the day.

Probandit came close to a win with last weekends big winner Perlachy (11/4) only managing 2nd.

4Pa dropped another 2 points this weekend to leave me unconvinced about the service. I will soldier on with it however.

Results from Saturday

  • Legends.............Profit of £634.98
  • Probandit...........Loss of £100.00
  • 4PA...................Loss of £100.00

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