Friday, 16 October 2009

Tipping Legends = Cash Dispenser

Absolutely glorious day for the Legends today...with me making just shy of 88 points on the day from their tips alone. Must be a record for me!

Quite a few point bets today and it looked ominous after the first 3 point bet, Parsons Legacy (100/30) only came in 5th. A winner in the next bet, Bolin Judith (4/1), changed the mood. Then came the 5.15 at Cheltenham. The main bet was Mr Apples (sp 9/1), with a saver on Gaora Lane (sp 7/1) followed with a straight forecast bet on the two in that order. I didn't fancy the straight forecast, however bet on it and did the reverse forecast also. Got home from work to discover they had finished exactly how the Legends had predicted! Finally in the last bet Final Victory (9/1) placed 3rd. What a payday! To make it even better all the bets were placed at a certain Australian bookie that ripped me off by refusing to pay out on a BOG price earlier in the year.

Elsewhere, on this busy day, Probandit chalked up a profit coming mostly from a Medicinal Compound (11/4) winner and a betfair place (3.0) for Wellington Square.

Equine failed to score from its single bet today and the Form Analyst's bet Aimigayle (16/1 to 14/1) came very close to scoring at Cheltenham, but finished in 4th.

Quite a day and also hit 5 days in a row profit from trading!

Results from Today

  • Legends...........Profit of £4385.40
  • Probandit.........Profit of £174.52
  • Equine.............Loss of £150.00
  • Form Analyst.....Loss of £200.00


  1. that was a truly excellent day rm im so glad you got what you deserved,you have had a tough year but you stuck at it well done.

  2. Cheers David,

    It was a remarkable day thats for sure. However despite all my moaning the year hasn't been too bad...probably getting close to 15k profit for the year. Just looks worse than it is..because 13k of that came in July!