Monday, 26 October 2009

No bets today

No bets today and only a little bit of trading done on the Reading match...all green with most of the second half left.

However today I was thrown out of the Form Analyst. Surely a first for a customer to be thrown out by the tipster? Personally I don't think my comments on the blog have been particularly bad considering the run they have been on and the poor performance of the bets....but it appears they were bad enough to get me the boot. Perhaps the dismissal could have been handled a little more professionally though, especially from a service that rates itself so highly on this matter. Anyhow I'm not in the gang anymore and Graeme has refunded my subs. So fair play to him on that point. Line drawn etc etc.

Portfolio wise I am a service down now. Having done a little research there is nothing at the moment that takes my fancy. Trading is one option..but may be too time consuming. No need to rush into anything just yet.


  1. Oh my god, They threw you out because you had the nerve to point ou the bad run he is having!!! Total joke of a service and your best off out of it mate.

    I have never ever heard of such rubbish in my life??? thrown out of a subscription tipster service!!!!!!!!!!

    absolute joke.

    Anyway great blog and all the best with your more professional services.

  2. James,

    I wasn't best pleased yesterday to be honest. Felt like I was being used as a scapegoat for the service. However the moment has passed and its not a big deal really.


  3. Thats very poor, but considering his recent results you'll just save yourself money. A similar thing happened to me with Blue Sky Racing.

    Keep the faith.


  4. Steve,

    Was with Blue Sky myself for a short period. Will never forget the post in the forum asking Mr Lyons if this was a laying service he ran. The response by Mr Lyons was slightly aggressive and I think it even made the papers.Funny as hell. Think that was the day I left.